SS120 – SiteScope 11.x Essentials

Sağlayıcı:HPe & MicroFocus
Kategori:MicroFocus Eğitimleri
Eğitim Adı:SiteScope 11.x Essentials Eğitimi
Eğitim Süresi:5 gün

 This course provides the technical knowledge and skills needed to manage and monitor an IT infrastructure with the help of the HP SiteScope product. Students gain practical experience using SiteScope to design and configure an extensive set of monitoring assets, proactive alerts, and reports. In addition, the course describes best practices and administrative techniques fundamental to the successful use of SiteScope.

Participants become familiar with SiteScope deployment and implementation processes with an emphasis on advanced product administration and configuration skills. The topics included in the course are reinforced through intensive lab exercises and hands-on activities. The hands-on lab exercises use version 11.20 of SiteScope.